Saturday, July 25, 2015


This is a tale different from the usual.

It does not begin with "Once upon a time ..." and does not end with the wedding between a prince and a princess haunted.
It 'a different story because it's a true story, although I already know that none of you, after reading it, believe it can. 
But now I have nothing left to lose, so why not tell the whole truth?
Everything began a fateful day that I'd love to be able to erase, shame that this is not possible!
That night I did not sleep well. 
The night before I had eaten too much and perhaps difficult digestion had been the cause of insomnia and nightmares before then. 
I was woken up several times in the night, sweating and shaking, screaming.
I remembered a black shadow chasing me.
I was running in a forest of ancient oaks that had something left. While running away, I was suddenly immersed in a pool of mud and leaves. But the mud was red and sticky, like blood. I seemed to feel even the smell of decaying leaves mixed with dried blood. The smell of death.
In the mud floating heads of dead animals.
Insects and huge cockroaches around me and then climbed over my body until I woke up screaming.
Cockroaches giants and monstrous, dirty blood ... I could not take them away from the mind.
It had been a hard night.
The next morning I got up at the usual time, I slipped in the shower to try to wake up. The warm water on the skin was nice and I remember thinking it would be a good day, despite the nightmares.
I left the house to go to the office, as every morning. Along the way I stopped in for breakfast at the usual place. At the bar I ordered a hot coffee at the counter.
As I sipped coffee two boys sat next to me. They ordered two coffees and began to speak in Romanian. They spoke freely, they do not think that anyone could understand. But I understood everything, legacy of my mother!
They spoke quickly and quietly. They were talking about something urgent to do. They could not miss the appointment. They had to take a package and deliver it at a certain time. The youngest was rough, seemed in high spirits.
- ... And then boomboom! Were his last words.
I got up and paid the indifferent coffee walked away. The two had bad intentions.
Maybe I should go to the police, I thought. I looked at the clock, it was late. In whatever they referred were not my problems. I had enough on my behalf. Let them do what they want and go to hell. I have no time for them.
I arrived at the bank in a few minutes. My boss had just arrived at the entrance and called me aside.
- Today we have a special customer Jonny, I wish you will occupassi you. He said smiling. - It is a famous actor who has decided to open an account with us. I recommend, it is a major customer and must be perfect.
- Of course, thanks to the trust sir. The day was put right! I thought. A new customer to my portfolio. It was not every day.
At 14.00 it was my special customer. It was served and revered as is done in these cases and all was well with her. The boss was pleased and I even more. The day was very well placed despite the beginning.
One more hour and the bank would close. I could not wait to get home.
I shook hands with my wealthy client and invited him to visit us often. His hand was cold, cold. I do not know why I thought of death. his death. His hand ...
Suddenly he remembered the nightmare, more vivid than ever! It was as if I was asleep, leaves, insects, sticky blood ... I tried to shake me, it was not true, it was just a nightmare!
At that moment two boys entered the bank. It seemed to know. They were dressed differently but I had no doubt, it was the two young Romanians met at the bar in the morning.
One of them, the youngest, who had put his bag on his back on the ground, pulled out a gun from under his jacket and started screaming incoherently.
Customers of the bank were thrown to the ground and I was there, stuck, the smell of the leaves and blood like the nightmare that seemed to cover everything and everybody.
There was an explosion ... buum! He had said in the morning. But they were not my problems, how could I know ... how could I imagine ...
A black shadow seemed to fall on me. I saw blood everywhere and then I fainted.
Since then there have been two months, I am now permanently bed number 6 of the clinic. Steadily ... and you!
The explosion had lost arms, legs, ears and an eye, but I'd gotten.
I had to thank God, the doctors told me. My special customer had not gone so well. He was killed instantly and pieces of his body were scattered throughout the bank. Looked like the set of a horror movie, they were told.
The two young men were dead too. They had left a video message in which they announced to the world the birth of a new terrorist organization, their symbol was an animal, a cockroach bloodied. A cockroach ...
Perhaps, that morning I had to go to the police, but it was too late to complain I could just keep thinking and dreaming. Every night a new nightmare came back to see me, but that is, it was not my problem ... now!

Alessandro Giovanni Paolo RUGOLO

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